Here are some sample pieces of what you might find in The Healing Room

Sample ~ Grounding Meditation

Sample ~ Healing Video

Releasing with Rain

Essential Oils

Cypress – allows for flow in the energy system.   Often used to prevent getting stuck in any part of the release process.  Apply 1 drop behind your ears and to your palms.  Cup your hands inhale deeply and enjoy the imagery as you relax for the next few minutes.

“I allow the rain to wash through me, cleansing and releasing.  I am in complete alignment with my highest good.”

Sample ~ Spiritual Wisdom


Spiritual Wisdom

What are you focusing on? What is your predominant thought, feeling, word? It is so important to identify with this, as this is what we are projecting outward and attracting toward us. This is what we are becoming. Focusing our attention on the past (even yesterday or the past hour) or focusing our attention on the future (whether fearing what might happen or wishing what might be different) utilizes energy that cannot be applied to our present time. It diminishes our personal power and our ability to be loving and compassionate- especially with ourselves. Our ego often tricks us into believing that our resistance, anger, frustration, etc is projected towards others, when in fact this is the illusion. Whatever we are feeling, projecting, experiencing on behalf of others is exactly what we are filling our energy, aura and physical body with. It is exactly what we are projecting towards ourselves.

Ask yourself, “Is it more important that I hold and project lower energies to others, because they did something to me that I disliked (this is victim energy), or is it more important that I draw my energy back to myself and invest my energy into higher vibrations, a new way of responding, etc?”  The former slows the energy down and keeps us stuck in a space of opposition.  The latter opens the flow.

Holding your “perpetrator” accountable (in a position of they are wrong, I am right) because you disagree with their words or actions only creates alienation, resistance, more experiences like the one that is triggering you. Pull/draw your energy back to you and decide what you/your energy needs from the situation and be that. This is where your personal power lies – within you. Holding and projecting lower energy feels powerful, but this is ego and illusion. What you are really doing is handing your power over to your perpetrator. Your control lies in your freedom and ability to choose in every moment how you will respond, how you will feel, and how you will show up first for yourself, and then for others.

This is not an easy space to move into.  It is much easier to blame and resist.  To hold the position that others have to come to your way of thinking.  To support your effort to be in the flow and  “be the change we wish to see in the world,” I offer you two different oil combinations you may create to support your choice to be in flow with the Divine.

  1. Sandalwood, wild orange, and geranium
  2. Forgive, cypress, and copaiba

Sample ~ Message from Kara

Helichrysum & Petigrain – Combining these two oils creates openings for letting go.  Allows for the release of pain and suffering on all four aspects:  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Sample ~ Empowering Children